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Hello, I am Farah, '86 model, born in Malaysia, but raised in Norway! Currently located in Norway and eating salmon. I am a 2D animation bachelor graduate from Hoegskolen in Hedmark, HIHM for short.

I would like to describe myself as an easy going individual who likes to get creative. Drawing, games and animated movies keeps my heart beating. I like to share and create ideas with others and it's always fun to see where it's going and how the idea develops.

I have good experience with traditional mediums, such as ordinary pencil works, acrylic painting, watercolours and clay. I do also possess some skill in photography.

Digital mediums are my tricky friends and there's always something new I could learn from them.

I'm familiar with:

  • Aobe Flash
  • Aobe Premiere
  • Aobe Photoshop
  • Aobe After Effects
  • Digicell FlipBook
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max

Please mail me at:

Other places on the web you can find me:
tumblr - sketchblog

Website made very primitively with php and html!

gallery . video . the game

info & contact